As a project leader, GAL Sud-Vest Satu Mare has the role of making and managing the procurements related to promotion, IT equipment, presentation stand, presentation shelf, van with thermal insulation and refrigerated aggregate within the project. The project leader will organize the opening event of the project, the joint event for launching the online store, the events to promote the local product concept integrated in the commercial strategy, the seminar for closing the project. It will also make available to fruit producers - partners in the project, the van with thermal insulation and refrigerated aggregate, the presentation stand in order to present and sell the products obtained by them.

Pension “Willy” 

Adress: Silvaş village  nr. 100, Commune of Săuca, county of Satu Mare 

The pension will become the point of delivery/pick-up of the products ordered online following the host of events organized within the project.

Technological High School Tășnad 

Adress: Tăşnad, Nicolae Bălcescu street Nr.44/A, county of Satu Mare 

Technological High School Tășnad is an educational institution with an economic profile, which will actively participate in all the events carried out within the project.

Through the project, an event will be organized in the institution to promote local products within an educational and promotional campaign to raise awareness of the importance of consuming fresh fruit by young people.